How it all began

How Virago Athletica Began

It all started with a conversation around the dinner table. All of our children are very active and into many different competitive sports. Our eldest daughter and our son were debating, as always, who is the better athlete. My son then said, "Well boys make more money than girls in sports". Our daughter was visibly upset and said that it was not fair.

It isn't fair...

And it isn't just in sport.

It isn't a stretch for us all to admit that we live in a male dominated society. We discussed this for a long time amongst our family. We realized that we could not change the past. We have always tried to teach our children, and ourselves, to focus not on the things we cannot control, but rather focus on what we can. I saw this quote later on that night as I was scrolling through social media:

         " I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept."

The conversation the next morning was about what we could do. There was some great ideas and some not so great ideas and we decided that if we could blend our love of sport, with some great clothing and surround it with a cause and a story that we felt passionate about we could at least try "to change the things we cannot accept."

 We decided that our slogan would be "I am Virago" for all the girls and women out there who are warriors, who are heroic and who are brave. We also want to make sure that we make it clear that all women have a Virago inside them.

We want to help let the Virago in all of us shine.